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Aims and Values

lhcps-logo-black-white“Growing Hearts and Minds Together”






Longman’s Hill School is a caring, community primary school.

We have always prided ourselves on the positive ethos of the school. People who visit often comment on the lovely ‘feel’ the school has when they walk around. Our children are amazing- they are thoughtful, kind and caring.

At our school we have high expectations of everyone. We are ambitious in seeking to ensure all children are successful. We feel strongly that success comes in many forms, not just academic. With that in mind, at our school we provide rich opportunities for children to be successful in a number of ways for example through the wide and varied sporting activities, clubs and competitions, through the extra-curricular clubs we offer, through school productions or Forest School, to name but a few.

The work undertaken within our school is based on our four key values:

Ambition– We are ambitious as a school. We want the very best for our pupils; your children. We have high expectations of their behaviour and their learning. Like you, we want them to do their best and be their best. That is our ambition.

Courage– We support children to have the courage to challenge themselves, try new things, get involved with things and not be afraid to fail.

Respect We are a welcoming community school where members are respectful and tolerant towards each other.

Creativity– We inspire children to be curious, enthusiastic learners by ensuring learning is fun and creative.

Our school logo was designed by one of our pupils.


 We are planning lots of exciting events to help the children understand and develop all of the new school Values.

Our first afternoon was spent building up our COURAGE! We tried a lot of activities which encouraged us to ‘put ourselves out there’, perform, participate and to challenge ourselves, even if we were a bit afraid. These are some of the skills which our school think are really important to help us learn.

Click on the link below to see what we got up to.