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If you are reading this, you could be just the person we are looking for to fill the post.

We are a proactive Governors team, working together with the strong management of Longman’s Hill rated, last November by Ofsted, as securely good.

We are particularly looking for governors to fill the following skills gaps as identified by the governing board:

  • Health & Safety
  • Buildings & maintenance
  • What do governors do? The governors, together as a body, have a range of legal responsibilities, so being a governor is an important commitment and new governors should be willing to attend training to help them learn what is entailed. If you feel this could be you please contact Linda Richardson, Clerk to Governors on 01757 706841
  • Once appointed, or elected, all governors must operate in the best interest of pupils, not as representatives to lobby on behalf of their constituency. Their task is to govern the school. This means focusing on the core functions of providing strategic leadership, holding the headteacher to account and making sure the school’s money is well spent. This is a demanding task for which all governors need to have, or develop, relevant and appropriate skills.
  • The governors’ work affects most aspects of the school’s work.


Upcoming Maths mornings

The next Maths mornings for this term will be: Wednesday 25th January – Maths Games Thursday 30th March – Easter/Spring maths Please come along and join your child in their class from 9am until 10.30am. All welcome.

Christmas Maths morning

Thank you to all parents, grandparents and carers who joined their children today for some festive maths. There was so much great maths going on across school from counting presents in The Twelve Days of Christmas song to making a Christmas Tree from lots of triangles! The adults were then treated to a well earned hot drink and mince pie! Well done everyone!

Maths workshops 2016

Thank you to all the parents and children who attended the workshops f0r Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in October. Both children and parents solved maths problems, played some games and had the opportunity to use a variety of equipment that we use here at Longman’s Hill. It was a great chance to see how maths is taught in our school. There will be another workshop next academic year so if you missed out this time look out for the letters next year! In the meantime if you need any help or advise about maths in our school please see your child’s class teacher or Mrs White (maths coordinator). Also see the Mathematics policy (see Policy section) to find out about the progression in skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. dsc02181 dsc02182 dsc02183 dsc02184 “I think it is absolutely brilliant that the school does this kind of workshop and also the maths mornings, involving parents. It really demonstrates the school’s commitment to the subject and inspires parents and their children. Thank you!”(Key Stage 1 parent)  “Excellent workshop – really enjoyed it.” (Key stage 1 parent)  “Mrs White presented the maths workshop very clearly and with much enthusiasm. We were given a lot of information (thank you for the maths pack it’s much appreciated as a point of reference) yet the workshop was fun! Olivia and I really enjoyed the workshop and I never enjoyed maths at school!! Olivia has already asked if there is going to be another workshop?!” (Key Stage 2 parent) 

Maths morning – Wednesday 19th October 

Parents are welcome to join their child’s class for about an hour of maths based around a particular theme. We will hold these maths mornings every half term. See below for photos from last year’s maths mornings. Dates and themes for 2016/7 Wednesday 19th October – maths stories Wednesday 14th December – Christmas and winter maths Wednesday 25th January – maths games Thursday 30th March – Easter and Spring maths Thursday 25th May – School’s 40th birthday Wednesday 5th July – Sports maths

NRICH Roadshow for KS1 – 23rd June

Becky from Nrich came to visit us again, this time for FS2 and KS1. Each class had about 45 minutes to explore some challenging problems and puzzles. Thank you to parents and grandparents who came into help and join in with the fun! There certainly was a lot of great maths going on, using our problem solving skills and working together.


NRICH Roadshow for KS2  – 27th January   DSC01780

A great day was had by the classes in Key Stage 2 when NRICH came to Longman’s Hill. Each class had an hour of fun filled maths problem solving activities to explore. Becky, our roadshow teacher, started the session with a look at an amazing picture of shapes. The children were amazed at the different 2D and 3D shapes they could see. After that they had chance to have a go at any of the activities ranging from shape building to domino sorting. The children worked in pairs and were encouraged to persevere and communicate throughout the activities. Thank you to the parents and governors who joined the children for this fun day. Key Stage 1 will have their workshop later in the summer term. To have a go at any of the problems and more visit the NRICH website.     EYFS 2        Year 1 (1)        year 4 - 2

Christmaths morning

A big thank you to all parents and carers who joined the school on Christmaths morning. All the children across school were involved in Christmas maths activities such as working out the number of presents given in The Twelve Days of Christmas and also using a formula to wrap presents using less paper! Look at some photos of the exciting activities going on around school and some feedback from parents. We will continue next year to hold half termly maths drop in mornings. We hope to see you there!

What have you enjoyed about the morning?
 “Seeing how excited the children are to have their parents in class and seeing how eager they are to learn”
“Everything! It’s been fantastic to watch children work together with their parents”
“I was impressed with all the children and how they worked together especially at clean up time. They all got on and did their bit. Excellent teamwork.”

World Record Attempt for the Largest Maths and Science lesson – 3rd November 2015

The children in Key Stage 2 were involved in a maths and science lesson to become part of Guiness World Record attempt for the largest lesson being held at the same time run by Bubbly Maths. The lesson was learning about DNA and the children made models of the Double Helix and they also did some systematic maths problem solving. The children have all received a certificate and we should here some time next year if the record attempt was successful. Watch this space!
photo 3

We have received a letter from Nick Gibb MP, offering his congratulations on our school’s fantastic Year 1 phonic screening check results. To read the letter please click on the link below Phonics letter from MP childrens_university Longman’s Hill has joined the Children’s University! If you have a child In KS2 at our school, they have the opportunity to participate in a scheme run by the charity, Children’s University, which encourages children to participate in a range of extra curricular clubs and activities. The cost for every child to participate for an entire year is only £5. We are holding a meeting on Thursday 2nd October for parents, to explain what the scheme is about and how your child can become involved. You can download an information leaflet and letter about the details of the meeting here. childrens university letter for parents KS2 ONLY What is the Children’s University Leaflet for parents

Maths ‘Teach the parents’ workshops – 2015

Thank you to all who came along to the Teach the Parents workshops for KS1 and KS2 in October. We hope that you found it useful and gained an insight into how maths is taught in school and also found out that maths is a very creative and fun subject which is accessible for all. If you came along and didn’t manage to fill out a parent questionnaire, please follow this link and email back to the school. questionnaire following maths workshops KS1 questionnaire following maths workshops ks2

Maths Mornings and Fun Days

Here are a few pictures of some of the activities that the children and parents were involved in during the maths fun sessions. Thank you to parents who came along to support the children. The feedback was really positive and encouraging. If you want to read more about why games are important to maths learning then please follow this link: Maths games article

Maths games are available in school to borrow. They are kept in the school library and just need to be scanned out like a library book using your child’s bar code. Please see your child’s class teacher for  more information.

Maths fun days 2014/2014 DSC00973 DSC00974 DSC00977 IMG_0261 IMG_0271 IMG_0285 IMG_0296 IMG_0319

Stay and Play maths games – October 14th 2015

Thank you to all the parents who stayed and played maths games on October 14th. The children had lots of fun learning new games involving maths. We will be holding half termly ‘Stay and Play’ mornings. Watch this space for the date of the next one! Meanwhile here are a few pictures of children across the school having fun! DSC01652 DSC01654 DSC01655 DSC01658 IMG_0811 Math


WEEK ENDING:  26th June 2015

WINNING CLASS WAS:                    CLASS 5 with 86%

Class 3 – 85% Class 4 – 70% Class 6 – 63% Class 1 – 61.5% Class 2 – 42.8% EYFS – 33%   IMG_0716 IMG_0717 Class 5 are very happy with the new books they won for their classroom! Class 3 also won a book, as they came second, and another one for being most improved! Remember to sign off your reading record every time you read to add to your class’s tally!   Author Surprise! Back in February, local author Andy Seed came to visit our school to talk to all the children about reading. He left the school saying how fantastic all the children were and how impressed he was with the school, and told us to look out for a surprise in the post! In April, Mrs Wrigglesworth received a special parcel in the post: it was Andy’s new book! The surprise didn’t stop there though! On looking opposite the contents page, Mrs Wriglesworth found that the book was dedicated to our school! Below is a newspaper article from the Selby Times about the dedication: IMG_0174

Week 2 270217

260417 SATs breakfast