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Welcome to our school council news page!

We are currently in the process of electing new council members for the academic year so good luck to all of you who are going to put yourself forward as a candidate.

Last year, our school council met regularly and helped to organise charity fund raising events such as Children in Need and Sports Relief. They also organised and ran their own stalls at the school fairs last year.

Watch this space to find out about what our school council will be upto this forthcoming year and what issues they will be addressing.

School Council Update 2013 / 14


When we sold wristbands for children in need, we raised £237.00 for the charity.

We sold gingerbread at the Christmas Fair and raised £33.92

We sold biscuits at the Summer Fair, we raised £23.15 that is about 115 people buying them.

We sold biscuits at playtime this term and raised £33.60


Since September the School Council have raised £237.00 for charity and £90.67 for school