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Free Maths games at Sumdog

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All you need is an individual login and password to play (ask your teacher if you are not sure).

To take part, students play Sumdog’s free maths games. In each game, they need to answer maths questions to make progress. They can choose which game they play, while Sumdog automatically adapts its questions. Each correct answer they give counts toward their score.

Go on have a go! Have fun!


Lots of great problems to solve at nrich Home


There is a new website which is part of nrich called Wild maths. There are some great problems to solve here. Why don’t you take a look? Follow this link:

We want children to see maths as a creative, exciting subject; to embrace challenge, learn from mistakes and enjoy the thrill of making new mathematical discoveries. The Celebrating Maths Project will help you to promote these attitudes with your children.

The Celebrating Maths Project is a series of three short videos written to give parents a range of mathematical games and puzzles to play at home.

The first video, for parents of children aged 4-5, gives ideas for finding maths in everyday situations and explains some important stages in developing an early understanding of number. The second and third videos, for parents of children aged 6-7 and 8+, give ideas for mathematical strategy games that can be played with simple equipment and an active mind!

By playing maths games together, whatever your personal experience of the subject, your child will learn that the challenge of maths is there to be enjoyed!

Follow the link below to see the three videos: